CELEMETRIX incorporating NETWORK POWER GROUP provides an extensive range of electrical safety products and services that include:

  •  Electrical sales, testing and instrument calibration
  •  Full replacement service for failed equipment with minimal delay and zero down-time
  •  Equipment testing that adheres to relevant statutory requirements and includes a detailed test report
  • Comprehensive mobile / field based testing service with fully equipped vans that provide flexible on-site mobile and testing calibration solutions
  •  24 hr turn-around time on pre-arranged testing and calibration services. An after-hours testing and calibration service is also available.

At CELEMETRIX we value our customers and understand that no two jobs are the same. We do our best to offer customers a personalised solution that is tailored to their testing and calibration needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, without compromising on safety or quality. Adopting this customer focussed approach, we provide our clients with innovative, flexible and technical workforce solutions that minimise risk and increase productivity.

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CELEMETRIX offers a comprehensive service for testing tools and electrical safety equipment used by live linesman. All equipment is tested to State, Australian, US, or International Standards. Listed below is a sample of the live line equipment tested:

  • Gloves and Sleeves 
  • Fiberglass Insulated Tools
  • Insulating Blankets 
  • Soft & Hardcover Line Hoses
  • Hydraulic Tool Hoses 
  • Live Line Temporary Bridges

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Elevated Work Platforms

CELEMETRIX performs electrical testing on EWP’s to relevant statutory requirements to State and/or Australian Standards. CELEMETRIX provides a complete service for testing safety equipment used by electrical workers. Listed below is a sample of electrical safety equipment tested:

  • Insulating Gloves 
  • Insulating Mats
  • Line Covers & Hoses
  • Pole, LV, and Tower Rescue kits
  • Ladders 
  • Pole Leakage Detectors
  • HV Testers
  • Pole Platforms
  • LV Insulated Tools
  • HV Phasing Devices

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CELEMETRIX performs periodic inspections on height safety equipment to AS/NZS 1891.4. We can carry out testing of lifting equipment including inspection of synthetic lifting slings to AS 4497.2.


CELEMETRIX offers a “Test & Tag” service for portable and semi portable electrical equipment, always complying with Australian Standards and any relevant State requirements. We have trained and experienced electricians that can also perform repairs on your appliance so you can use it immediately.


CELEMETRIX performs electrical testing on EWP’s for statutory requirements to State and/or Australian Standards. CELEMETRIX offers an extensive range of electrical safety equipment and instruments. Whether you need to procure a new item or a replacement item for failed equipment and instruments, CELEMETRIX can fulfil your electrical safety needs with minimal delay and zero down-time.


  • Height Safety Equipment
  • Instruments and Test Leads
  • Insulating Gloves & Accessories
  • Insulating Mats & Covers
  • Pole Leakage Detectors
  • Rescue Kits

CELEMETRIX has been the principal sales agent for Deco (insulating gloves) and Trelleborg (insulating mats and covers) for over sixteen years.

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  • Mobile Calibration Service Program

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  • Test and measurement rental equipment

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  • Hand Tool Kits

    Be confident that you have the right tools for the job.

  • Service Repair and Calibration Capabilities

    Celemetrix offers extensive local calibration, repair and functional testing services across a range of equipment.

  • Test and Measurement Equipment : Ex-Rental SALE!

    Secure a bargain from our sale of ex-rental products. All items fully calibrated.

Probably the best overall industry course I've done in 20 years in the industry. Well run and well presented.

Anthony Gibson, CG Communications

The course was excellent and very well presented. Even after years of experience with OTDRs, I still learnt a thing or two. I would highly recommend and wish I could have sat this course at the start of my career. Kenny was one of the best trainers I've come across.

Brock Richens, NBN Co.

Excellent teacher. Attended similar courses before, this one 'brought it all together'. More usable in the workplace. Easier to understand, very thorough explanation.

Keith Masuwale, NBN Co.

Andrew, the trainer was very knowledgeable, easy to understand and was a great help when I needed help. Very good. Thanks.

Luke Von Wald, VisionStream

Thankyou to Matt & his team for bringing this unit to the west, I look forward to seeing you next year for a repeat of the excellent service received over the last few years.

Mal Fawcett, Optimal Fibre Service

Thanks again for the training, I didn’t expect I would get as much out of it as I did. Let me know when the next splicing course comes to Perth, I’ll book a few seats on it.

Michael O'Malley, Minelect Pty Ltd

Thanks for the great NBN & FTTP training session we had yesterday. It is extremely useful to receive information from someone directly involved in what’s going on.

Mike Ott, C-COR

With regards to our recent equipment calibrations, I would like to thank you and your team for your efficient service. The fact that you worked over the weekend to have our equipment available for Monday morning was really appreciated.

Stuart Hosie, Visionstream

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