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Many organisations strive to achieve maximum staff performance. There are many strategies to achieve this and for most companies, executing the correct training plan is critical.

Improved staff efficiency and productivity is a common goal that our clients expect as an outcome to undertaking specialised, targeted training programs. A classroom can take learning only so far. Many tertiary learning environments focus on technology and theory, but Celemetrix training courses take technicians well beyond the books and into real-world, real-time scenarios. Training quality can be guaranteed because our trainers have personally executed, on a daily basis, the activities that they themselves are teaching.

Training more than 1200 industry specialists per year, Celemetrix is without a doubt the leader in telecommunication-focused training. Our key clients include Telstra, Visionstream, Servicestream, Silcar and others and as a result we were selected as the exclusive training partner to develop Telstra's FTTP/Velocity skill development program.

NBN Co Approved

Install Underground Service Drop

Install, Commission and Maintain a Fibre NTD

Survey and Report Underground Network

MDU Cabling and Hardware Installation

Prepare, Splice and Enclose Ribbon Fibre

NBN Safety and Awareness

Telstra Approved

Fibre Optic Test, Commissioning and Reporting

Fibre Optic Splicing and Joint Enclosure

Combo OTDR and Fibre Optic Joint Enclosure Assembly

FTTP Operations and Maintenance

FTTP Network Construction and Commissioning

FTTP Transmission Operations and Maintenance

FTTP Network Auditors

FTTP Network Designers

* TITAB Endorsed

ICT10 Compliant

Fibre Optic Test, Commissioning and Reporting

FTTP Test and Commission Skill Set (base level installer)

Specialised Technology

Celemetrix training services are offered in all major Australian capital cities and are deployed on a scheduled and on-demand basis. If required, course content can be customised to accommodate your specific needs.

To make a booking for the next scheduled public course or to enquire about a course specifically conducted for your company, call us on 1800 256 838 or submit a query via the button below.

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Upcoming Events

CMT-13-300 Sydney


This ethernet networking and TCP/IP training course is designed to provide individuals:

  • knowledge of ethernet and TCP/IP
  • associated communications standards and architectures
  • basic ethernet through the OSI layers
  • IP sub netting
  • networking technologies - ranging from a simple topology to a more complex one 

This course introduces attendees to:

  • common network elements - how they operate and are used in a data communications networks
  • security
  • VLAN
  • ACL
  • QoS
  • common routing protocols 
  • network testing
  • fault finding principles used for modern priority based networks

* Required

CMT-13-330 Melbourne


This advanced level installer FTTP Test and Commission skill set training course will provide the attendee the skills and knowledge to:

  • commission test and fault find FTTP/FTTN optical fibre links 
  • DWDM commissioning and testing

Designed for all skill levels.

This FTTP course carries competencies - Certificate III in Telecommunication Cabling

  • ICTBWN3082B
  • ICTOHS2170A
  • ICTOPN4115B
  • ICTBWN3100A
  • ICTCBL2017B

* Required

CMT-14-400 Sydney


This course is designed for all skill levels, offering attendees all necessary detail to construct, fault find and commission NBN's FTTN network, in accordance with national work practices and standards. This course covers the construction and maintenance elements of the optical and copper network components as well as providing a detailed overview of the Node technology. Attendees will also learn the critical success factors associated with VDSL deployment and fault finding techniques to ensure service delivery performance. Utilising our VDSL mobile laboratory, attendees will have a hands on approach to construct, fault find and commission VDSL customer services. Celemetrix is a certified training partner of NBN. 


* Required

  • 2015 Training Calendar

    Celemetrix training services - value through knowledge and experience. Registrations are now open!

  • Service Repair and Calibration Capabilities

    Celemetrix offers extensive local calibration, repair and functional testing services across a range of equipment.

  • Test and measurement rental equipment

    Commercially attractive solutions to meet your technical needs!

Excellent teacher. Attended similar courses before, this one 'brought it all together'. More usable in the workplace. Easier to understand, very thorough explanation.

Keith Masuwale, NBN Co.

Andrew, the trainer was very knowledgeable, easy to understand and was a great help when I needed help. Very good. Thanks.

Luke Von Wald, VisionStream

Thankyou to Matt & his team for bringing this unit to the west, I look forward to seeing you next year for a repeat of the excellent service received over the last few years.

Mal Fawcett, Optimal Fibre Service

Thanks again for the training, I didn’t expect I would get as much out of it as I did. Let me know when the next splicing course comes to Perth, I’ll book a few seats on it.

Michael O'Malley, Minelect Pty Ltd

Thanks for the great NBN & FTTP training session we had yesterday. It is extremely useful to receive information from someone directly involved in what’s going on.

Mike Ott, C-COR

With regards to our recent equipment calibrations, I would like to thank you and your team for your efficient service. The fact that you worked over the weekend to have our equipment available for Monday morning was really appreciated.

Stuart Hosie, Visionstream

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