Celemetrix is more than just a recruitment company. Having a history that spans almost two decades and having worked on all major IT&T projects in Australia Celemetrix has developed a trusted reputation as a company that adds value to any organisation looking to achieve outcomes on complex technology projects.  The success of any project deployment starts with the right HR model – efficient, productive, reliable and cost effective team members are a must. Having trained more than 5000 of Australia’s technical work force allows us to provide you with a unique approach to HR selection and optimisation.

Celemetrix is more than just recruitment. We understand that this should always be part of broader strategy. Our Workforce Solution service delves deeper in terms of providing staff optimisation services – allowing you to maximise the output of already reliable members of your team.  Celemetrix has developed a range of skills assessment tools to assist you with design skills and management programs that allow your organisation to cost effectively develop internal skills to meet the demand of new or current projects.

As many organisations are expecting greater opportunities over the coming years, with a multitude of projects culminating to create unique HR pressures never seen before in the Australian market.

Celemetrix can provide the following placement services:

Permanent or Contract 

Contract staff can provide a more flexible workforce during high demand periods, or if headcount is an issue. The true cost of attrition and the time taken to replace or increase permanent staff is significant. Whether your needs are for permanent or contract staff – or a combination, Celemetrix Workforce Solutions understands the need to provide suitably qualified candidates that can add value immediately and contribute effectively towards meeting project deadlines.

Sourcing Strategies

Celemetrix trains more than 1000 industry specialists per year throughout Australia. Working closely together, the Celemetrix Workforce Solutions and Training teams collaborate on every role to ensure that the best possible quality of candidate is brought to the client’s attention. Having in depth knowledge and experience within the industry, Celemetrix has the foresight to estimate where potential skills shortages may/will occur. Working in tandem with prospective clients, Celemetrix has the flexibility to tailor industry certified and accredited training courses in order to meet predicted workforce planning increases.


Celemetrix's interest is to establish and retain strong long term working relationships with their clients, and as such has developed an effective fee structure, which includes reduced costs for volume-based recruitment.

Client Focused

Celemetrix does not actively approach employees working for our client base. Celemetrix recruitment services recognises the need for transparency, honesty and ethical integrity. 

To enquire how Celemetrix can assist you please call us on 1800 256 838 or submit a query via the button below.

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CMT-05-001 Perth



Fibre Optic Test, Commissioning & Reporting

 Designed for all skill levels, this course provides all the information required to confidently assess the quality of an optical fibre transmission link. This course will provide the skills required for commissioning and fault finding optical fibre links using a variety of commonly used tooling including tri-band OTDR testing. Attendees will also learn techniques to develop carrier grade approved commissioning reporting for NBN or Telstra.

* Required

CMT-11-180A Perth


Advanced Optical Commissioning & Reporting

Designed for all skill levels, all through an understanding of OTDR principles is highly recommended. This course is designed to provide attendees with the required skills to confidently provide an accurate OTDR analysis report with repeatable results. This 1 day course focuses on an understanding of OTDR trace elements, trace analysis, report generation and automation. With extensive hands on exercises, this course will develop the practical skills required to efficiently generate an optical fibre workbook using reporting automation.

* Required


CMT-06-020 Sydney



 Fibre Optic Splicing & Joint Enclosure

Designed for all skill levels, this course provides each attendee with an opportunity to secure the skills required to confidently install fibre optic joint enclosures used within a carrier network and splice fibre optic cores. Each attendee will construct a minimum of six carrier certified high fibre count joint enclosures. These are chosen to incorporate all the disciplines needed to confidently assemble most joint enclosures available and splice fibre optic cores without causing fault conditions.

* Required

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    Celemetrix offers extensive local calibration, repair and functional testing services across a range of equipment.

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Probably the best overall industry course I've done in 20 years in the industry. Well run and well presented.

Anthony Gibson, CG Communications

The course was excellent and very well presented. Even after years of experience with OTDRs, I still learnt a thing or two. I would highly recommend and wish I could have sat this course at the start of my career. Kenny was one of the best trainers I've come across.

Brock Richens, NBN Co.

Excellent teacher. Attended similar courses before, this one 'brought it all together'. More usable in the workplace. Easier to understand, very thorough explanation.

Keith Masuwale, NBN Co.

Andrew, the trainer was very knowledgeable, easy to understand and was a great help when I needed help. Very good. Thanks.

Luke Von Wald, VisionStream

Thankyou to Matt & his team for bringing this unit to the west, I look forward to seeing you next year for a repeat of the excellent service received over the last few years.

Mal Fawcett, Optimal Fibre Service

Thanks again for the training, I didn’t expect I would get as much out of it as I did. Let me know when the next splicing course comes to Perth, I’ll book a few seats on it.

Michael O'Malley, Minelect Pty Ltd

Thanks for the great NBN & FTTP training session we had yesterday. It is extremely useful to receive information from someone directly involved in what’s going on.

Mike Ott, C-COR

With regards to our recent equipment calibrations, I would like to thank you and your team for your efficient service. The fact that you worked over the weekend to have our equipment available for Monday morning was really appreciated.

Stuart Hosie, Visionstream

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