Solving the battery issues

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reports of erratic batteries are often raised. This might pertain to excessive power consumption, batteries not retaining a charge, or fluctuation in battery percentage indication under the battery status menu. 

These faults may occur because of faulty connections such as the battery not being properly connected to the main board. In most cases, the battery itself is not faulty. In most cases, the problem arises because the battery connector has slightly lifted on one side of the PCA connector. A lifted connector is a common cause for your battery behaving erratically. 

The easiest solution for this is to disconnect the battery from the main PCA and reseat it. In almost all cases, this rectifies the issue and other symptoms shown by the battery unit. Once the connector is re-seated properly, a full charge is recommended to verify the battery’s charge capability and to rule out further issues. 

Points to note:

  •  The battery units have a nominal 3.5-4 hour capacity to run continuous TDR or DSL tests.  
  •  To make sure the battery performs optimally, it is recommended to set the battery to ‘Idle’ and ‘Suspend Timeout Periods’ to only 5 minutes. Refer to section 4 of the user manual “Setting up the Max635 – Power Schemes” for more details on how to modify these settings.

Modem Boot up Issues/failures: 

Although Modem boot up issues isn’t common, they may come up at times. The bootup failure occurs due to a variety of causes such as modem hardware failure, faulty cable/connection, Modem FW corruption and so on.

If you face any such issues, make sure you have the most current version of software compatible with the actual model type installed. If the MaxTester doesn’t have the latest compatible software (system image), it might lead to inconsistencies. 

In case the modem firmware becomes corrupted, version (the most current general release system image) will re-flash and recover the modem. The previous image versions will not re-Flash the modem firmware if it has become corrupted.

If the unit is experiencing modem boot up issues, try the following: 

  •  Install if not already installed. 
  •  Next, check all the setups for DSL/IP Tests. Refer to Section 14 of the user manual titled “Setting Up DSL/IP Tests”. 
  •  Verify test leads/cables are in good working condition. 

Point to note: 

Only the MaxTester635 G series testers have the option to select either RJ or Copper ports when performing DSL tests. It is found in the Modem Settings menu. 
Port to use determines which port(s) the test will use:
  •  RJ is RJ14 and if selected, should be connected to the DSL port
  •  Copper means copper port and if selected, should be connected to the Tip/A and Ring/B connectors 

VDSL Sync Issues: 

  •  If you face any VDSL sync issues, check if the VDSL option is installed via Software Options menu. If not, contact Commsforce to purchase the VDSL activation key. 
  •  Verify modem functionality and make sure it is operating correctly. 
  •  Check and setup VDSL profiles correctly. Please refer to section 14 of the user manual “Setting Up DSL/IP Tests” 
  •  Check the system image version on your MaxTester is up to date for the model type.

Not detecting Earth during RFL and Pair detective tests:

In case you are unable to detect Earth, you should:  
  •  Verify copper test leads 
  •  Make sure the tri-colored (Black, Red, Green) and crocodile clips are in good working condition. Substitute with another known good set or perform a Lead compensation test. Refer to section 5 of the user manual “Setting up Copper Tests / Test Lead Compensation” 
  •  Verify the connections made are correct and in line with the parameters of the requisite test. 
  •  Ensure the Earth Lead is securely connected to a good Earth. 


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